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You’re probably waiting for the day your braces are removed from your smile. That will be an exciting day! You will finally have the smile you have worked so hard for. When this day arrives, Dr. Deji Fashemo will remove your braces with care. However, that’s not all he will do. There are other steps necessary during this appointment.

The next step is to clean your teeth and gums once the braces have been removed. This will remove any debris or particles that the braces left on your chompers, like orthodontic glue. It will also remove any small stains you gained when you had braces. After the cleaning, your orthodontist will take a few X-rays to make sure everything is A-OK and to check on your wisdom teeth. If there are issues with the wisdom teeth, he will recommend the necessary treatments.

The final step is to create a retainer that is just for you. A retainer can help you keep your teeth in their proper positions. There are two retainers Dr. Deji Fashemo can give you. One is a removable retainer that you will wear at the recommended times, and the other is a permanent retainer that is cemented to the back surfaces of your front teeth.

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