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The teeth in the front of your mouth play an important role in not only helping to bite and chew foods, but they also appear in your smile. Their overt appearance can have a significant impact on many of your important non-verbal facial expressions. As deviations in the alignment of your teeth continue to progress, it can leave you with an increasingly unattractive smile and a diminished sense of self-confidence.

In a situation like this, Dr. Deji Fashemo might recommend gradually correcting the alignment of your teeth by installing orthodontic braces. This effective orthodontic system typically incorporates wires that are attached to brackets cemented onto the faces of your teeth.

Once this is done you will still need to occasionally need to return to Fourth Dimension Orthodontics & Craniofacial Orthopedics’s orthodontic clinic for a routine adjustment. These appointments will tighten your braces to gradually move your teeth toward their ideal alignment. The number of adjustments and time it takes to correct your teeth will depend on the severity of the alignment problem.

After the ideal alignment of your teeth has been achieved, Dr. Fashemo will also provide you with a retainer. Installing it in your mouth at the necessary times will help ensure that your teeth remain in their position without risk of relapse. If you live in the Allen or Dallas, Texas, areas and you have uncorrected alignment problems with your teeth, you should call 972.947.2200 for Allen, TX, or 972.947.2000 for Dallas, TX, to schedule a braces consultation at Fourth Dimension Orthodontics & Craniofacial Orthopedics’s orthodontic clinic.