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Orthodontic aligner treatments are a wonderful choice for individuals who are looking to improve their smiles. Not only can orthodontic treatments like braces improve the look of your smile, but it can also improve the quality, function, and health of your entire mouth.

Oftentimes, teeth that have malocclusions are more at risk for additional damage. Malocclusions are bad bites caused by teeth not lining up correctly. When teeth fail to line up correctly, they can chip and crack each other by rubbing together, increase the effects of unconscious grinding caused by bruxism, and potentially causing temporomandibular joint disorders in your jaw.

Straighter smiles with braces will also improve your self-image and keep your teeth cleaner. It is much easier to clean teeth that are straight than crooked teeth. Crooked and overcrowded teeth can create many hidden recesses where food particles can hide out and allow plaque to form. As plaque builds up, your risk for tooth decay and gum disease increases dramatically. Braces seek to straighten teeth and make brushing and flossing much easier and effective.

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