A Dental Guard Can Help Protect Your Teeth from the Damage Caused by Grinding Your Teeth

The mineral integrity of your tooth enamel is intended to give your teeth the necessary hardness to handle biting, chewing, and grinding most common foods. However, your teeth are not invulnerable to damage. If excessive force is applied to the biting surface of a tooth it is possible for a chip or fracture to occur… Read more »

Avoiding Certain Foods Can Help Maintain Your Braces

Braces play an important role in realigning your teeth for a better functioning mouth and a more appealing smile. Each one of the braces adjustments performed at Dr. ’s orthodontic clinic will gradually move each of your teeth toward their ideal position in your mouth. If this tension is altered by tooth decay problems or… Read more »

The Things That Will Happen When Your Braces Are Off

You’re probably waiting for the day your braces are removed from your smile. That will be an exciting day! You will finally have the smile you have worked so hard for. When this day arrives, Dr. will remove your braces with care. However, that’s not all will do. There are other steps necessary during this… Read more »

Orthodontic Treatment Steps

If you’re about to start your orthodontic journey, good for you! You’re on your way toward the smile you have always wanted. To help you know a little more about the orthodontic process so you know what to expect when straightening your teeth, Dr. and our orthodontic team are happy to give you the necessary… Read more »

What Do You Know about Cleaning Braces?

Did you know that orthodontic braces require cleaning and care to ensure they are working properly? Like a car, braces must be constantly checked to ensure they are functioning properly. If you let your braces become damaged, they can drastically increase your recovery time. Braces do not operate as mouth guards do. Although they are… Read more »

The Basics of Invisalign®

Do you wish that you could have orthodontic care that does not get in the way of your normal everyday food choices? Do you wish that your orthodontic care would be discreet and go unnoticed by even the closest people are around you? Fortunately, you may be in luck with Invisalign’s orthodontic alignment treatment systems,… Read more »

Remove Malocclusions with Orthodontic Brace Treatments

Did you know that although malocclusions can drastically affect your smile, they can be treated with orthodontic braces? Malocclusions are bad bites and misalignments with teeth that do require extensive care to slowly straighten your teeth back to an ideal position to ensure your smile can shine brightly for many years to come. Orthodontic aligners… Read more »

Cleaning and Maintaining Your New Snore Guard Will Keep It Fresh and Extend its Life

If only have mild to moderate sleep apnea, you might find significant relief by using a snore guard prescribed by the orthodontists at ’s , clinic. They come in several different styles and designs, the one we recommend will depend on the unique details of your mouth as well as your personal preference. All snore… Read more »

Is Orthodontic Treatment Right for You?

Did you know, more people are turning to orthodontic treatment than ever before? Well, it’s true. Having a straight and professional smile has become a popular notion in our work lives. That is why more discreet options have become available. Here at in and Allen, , we pride ourselves in giving you quality care and… Read more »

How to Care for Your Smile After Completing Orthodontic Treatment

Even though your teeth are now in their perfect positions, you still need to take good care of your smile. In fact, if you fail to do so, you could experience extreme and uncomfortable consequences. So, to help you avoid these consequences and keep your smile in tip-top shape, Dr. and our orthodontic team have… Read more »