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Braces play an important role in realigning your teeth for a better functioning mouth and a more appealing smile. Each one of the braces adjustments performed at Dr. Deji Fashemo’s orthodontic clinic will gradually move each of your teeth toward their ideal position in your mouth.

If this tension is altered by tooth decay problems or damage to the braces hardware, it could increase the time it takes to fully correct your smile. To prevent this from happening you might want to considering cutting out certain foods from your diet.

Sticky foods can potentially create significant suction. A piece of taffy, caramel, and chewing gum could bend a wire, dislodge a spacer, or even pull a bracket off the face of a tooth. Tough and hard foods can also cause significant damage to braces hardware. Beef jerky, crunchy nuts, and hard candies could severely bend a wire, knock a bracket loose, or damage multiple bands.

If something does happen to your braces, you should not delay in contacting Dr. Deji Fashemo to have it repaired. The longer you wait the more likely you are to suffer complications as the tension in your braces changes. If you are in the Dallas, Texas, area and you have a problem with your braces, you should call 972.947.2000 to have it examined and repaired by the orthodontic specialists at Fourth Dimension Orthodontics & Craniofacial Orthopedics.