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The mineral integrity of your tooth enamel is intended to give your teeth the necessary hardness to handle biting, chewing, and grinding most common foods. However, your teeth are not invulnerable to damage. If excessive force is applied to the biting surface of a tooth it is possible for a chip or fracture to occur in the tooth enamel. This is even more likely to occur if you grind your teeth at night or stress causes you to clench your jaw throughout the day.

Not only can the extreme pressure cause chips and dental fractures, it can also weaken the integrity of dental fillings on the biting surfaces of your teeth. Once the tooth enamel has been compromised these teeth will be at increasing risk of suffering new cavities.

If it’s not remediated in some way, the tension in your jaw muscles and surrounding connective tissue can cause inflammation in the temporomandibular joints. As this continues to happen it can increase your chances of suffering TMJ disorder and early onset of arthritis.

Wearing a dental guard in your mouth while you sleep can help cushion the biting surfaces while also allowing a modest amount of slip. This can help prevent damage to your teeth and reduce the effect on your temporomandibular joints.

If you would like, Dr. Deji Fashemo can help you find the dental guard that is right for you. This might call for having him provide you with a custom dental guard. It is a quality mouthpiece will conform to the unique shape of your teeth and mouth to fit comfortably in place while you sleep. If you live in the Dallas, Texas, area and need help protecting your teeth from night grinding, you should call 972.947.2000 to schedule a consultation appointment with our professional team.